Cinq questions à Venise Fiacre
juillet 30, 2017
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juillet 31, 2017

We, at BOYO Magazine, are engaging in a battle to highlight the haitian culture. Valuing our talented artists is part of that process. This section called « Five Questions » provides the right path to bring you, in a soft way, the essence of what we need to learn about these artists. The one that we chose to present to you in this issue is someone that we knew in New Jersey since a very long time. We are pleased to help you understand him better in sharing his thoughts with you. Enjoy !

One : What’s your real name and why did you choose to be called Bujimix?

Bujimix : My real name is François Jérome and Buji was a nickname given to me by one of my closest friends who believed when I’m on stage I light up like a Buji (candle).  Indeed, that stage-name fits me well, so I kept it and now everyone knows me by Bujimix.

Two: After being a high level DJ, you became a composer in the Haitian Music Landscape. With the song “Kleren Nan System Mwen,” sang by Dabenz Chery, you won respect from most of your peers. How did you come up with the idea to compose this song?

Bujimix : “Kleren Nan System Mwen” is originated from my childhood memories and background, and it was sang by not only Dabenz, but a collaboration of the artists that I was working with at the time.  My family in Cap-Haitien owned a distillery (guildive in Creole) where they produce liquors (Kleren). As a kid, I used to work with my grandparents in the guildive during summer vacation, and they would allow me to taste the Kleren from our hard work.  One day, late at night, I was in the studio alone and missing my grandparents, I started relinquishing on the good time I had working with my grandparents in their guildive, and I had the urge to produce something in their honor. That period of time in my life was full joy and excitement, so I wanted to share that joy with my fans through that song. Most people like some Kleren in their system during happy or stressful times even it is just wine or just some Bujimix.

Three : How did you deal with the success of that song?

Bujimix : I’m very humble and I am determined to continue to be a down to earth guy regardless of my success.  However, I do feel honored that Kleren Nan System Mwen, which means a lot to me and my family, is able to bring people so much joy and excitement. It remains my favorite song to perform.

Four : Do you consider yourself as a musician or still a DJ?

Bujimix : I have moved beyond my days as a DJ. I used to DJ while I was attending music school to become a music engineer and producer. I attended New York Institute of Audio Research for 2 years in order to be able to create great sounds that my fans will enjoy. My prior musical knowledge and the additional skills I’ve learned enable me to have the magic fingers that everyone knows me by (Bujimix ba yo dwet).

Five : We are in 2017, more than three years after the release of « Kleren Nan System », musically, what are your plans and what do you expect from the Haitian Music Lanscape?

Bujimix : Well, right now I am currently working on multiple projects. I have engaged myself in working with a few artists, such as Wanito, Anie Alerte, Dabenz, and others who truly like the sound that I created and engineered through Kleren Nan System. As for the Haitian music landscape, I hope that our community will be more open to give upcoming artists a chance to prove their talents and to be compensated for their hard work. It takes a lot of work, determination and an extremely love for music for one to be a musician, and it would be rewarding for artists to be supported by the Haitian music industry by first tighten property rights, and then incentive the ones who truly make beautiful music.


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